How We Help



We problem-solve. We aim for root causes, and work with founders, leaders and teams to develop real and lasting solutions through:

  • Strategic Design - setting strategy, changing culture, and transforming teams towards impacting systems

  • Strategic Management - leading teams from idea to impact through facilitative contract management of startup nonprofits, transitional enterprises and culture movements

  • Experiential Learning - designing transformational, pivotal experiences such as discrete trainings, multi-day retreats, and/or continuous cohort support

Our design-based approach combines the objectivity and rigor of science with the empathy and intuitive insight of art.  We customize goals, processes, research, and expert teams to collaboratively attain results.

Our work is rooted in the belief that organizations and people adapt fastest and best with experiences that are:

  • human-centric, designed with humans, for humans, incorporating key stakeholders’ voices and perspectives in every stage of design and creation, employing many approaches (including visual thinking, role playing, immersion, movement and sense-making) to stimulate engagement, fun, and insight,

  • systemic, addressing the interconnections between people, organizations, industries, culture, and society, as well as the assumptions and structural mechanisms (like law and governance) that perpetuate or prevent adaptation, and

  • developmental, holding everything and everyone as capable of adaptation and change, and approaching each intervention, interaction, input and iteration as an opportunity for learning and growth.

Every individuals and organization has a distinct DNA, and each carries the potential to make a unique and lasting mark on the world. ASCETA amplifies essential strengths, develops adaptive skills, and helps real people achieve sustainable, scalable social impact.